How To Paint Kitchen And Living Room Colors

Dec 13th

To paint the kitchen and living room colors is a choice that will reflect the homeowner’s personal taste. Not because the kitchen and living room are next to each other, so you should adjoining those room and decorate them alike. You are free to paint those room totally different color, as long as the color can create the unity to the spaces. Since the wall colors have a pretty big impact to the look of the room, so choose the colors with care, without have to afraid of making your own statement.

Make three different colors of color scheme to paint the two rooms by using the color wheel from the paint manufacturer that you choose. While you are selecting the colors, you can use the room’s size, the amount of light streaming in through windows and flooring as the guidance. You no need to be afraid of choosing the kitchen and living room colors, as it enhances the styling of the rooms.

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There are colors that will transform nicely in adjoining rooms such as modern decor in black, white and red, or even craftsman designs of yellow, brown, and turquoise. Those are bold choices of colors so you can use each of them in a variety of tones, from light to dark, to add interest and depth in the room.

To unite the spaces, you can paint the wall that runs from the living room to the kitchen with the same color. While you are uniting the rooms, use the lighter hue from the color palette in order to open up both spaces. To make a slight contrast, paint the baseboards, crown molding, windows and sills one shade lighter or darker in a semi gloss paint.

If you know how to match those rooms properly, you will create a perfectly combined room. Even if sometimes it can be hard to make a decisions about how to decorate the combined room, there are still so many ways for you to follow in order to create a good and attractive kitchen and living room colors.

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