Peaceful and Energetic Living Room Paint Color Schemes

Feb 14th

Living room paint color schemes is something that should be carefully considered. You must have known that color can change your mood and feeling. Since you will spend most of your time in that room, it is important for you to determine the right color scheme. The perfect color creates a happy and relaxed feeling to your house. First, determine the impression that you want to show in your living room. Is it warm? Cool? Neutral? Or energetic? Many people choose to play it safe with neutral colors. But if you want, you can try something bold.

While neutral colors bring a peaceful feeling, blue creates a cool ambience. Who doesn’t like to look at the sky? Sky blue can be one of the inspirations for your living room paint color schemes. Select baby blue for wall paint, and light gray for ceiling paint. Sky blue will always bring a sedate feeling, and the light gray will give you an elegant and sophisticated look. Beautify the room with brown, gray, and taupe furniture and accessories. Brown sofa with light grey and baby blue pillow is a nice combination. Then, complete the room with brown picture frames.

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Young people usually want to bring a fun and energetic atmosphere in their house or apartment. Yellow and orange are the colors that represent the feelings. But, be careful if you want to use these color because they can be overpowering. You can paint the wall with pale yellow, and go bold with furniture and accessories. Asparagus or Laurel green sofa with orange and baby blue pillows create a cheerful atmosphere. You can purchase beige chair and rug to add calm and soothe color on the living room. And the last but not least, set a curtain with beautiful flowery pattern. What is your idea of living room paint color schemes? Let us know!