A Perfect Living Room and Dining Room Combined

Jan 26th

Living room and dining room combined so perfectly if you know how to match them properly. Nowadays, there are many modern homes that have an open floor with minimum of walls and rooms. The rooms defined with no spaces. Sometimes it can be a hard and confusing decisions on how to decorate the combined rooms.

You can make a perfect living room and dining room combined with some tricks. It will be a beautiful combined and a perfect place for entertaining also living. Make the space feel organic, united, and welcoming our guests.

Starts with the right placement for every furniture. Create distinct space within the whole in your combined living room and dining room. Look at the room’s layout and determine the architectural signs like an alcove or a bay window in order giving you some clues to place the furniture. You can also make some grouping furniture in the center of the room, and avoid an unused or open space in the middle. To create separateness, place the back of the couch towards the dining table.

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Use the same color on the walls so the space will flow together. Or you can also choose only two colors which both of them use in different quantities in each space. To unite the room, you can use wainscot and put it throughout the room. If you want to have a more spill-friendly floor, you can combine the two areas with the similar rugs covering the dining area. Do not create a different look in one space to another, like a classic look in one space and modern in another.

There is other way to make spaces between the living room and dining room. You can use a nice book case or storage unit and put them between the spaces. So, you will let each rooms have their own identity. There are still many tricks you can learn in order to combine a living room with the dining room. Pick the furniture wisely to make a perfect living room and dining room combined.