Pretty Flower Accent Wall in Living Room

Feb 12th

Accent wall in living room in flower theme is one of the most interesting ideas. I know stripes and polkadot also in the latest trend, but flower for accent wall is totally a great idea! Feminine and beautiful atmosphere will come from your whole living room by add some pretty flower themes.

When decorating a pretty flower accent wall in living room, don’t fill the space with blooms from floor to ceiling. Just because you use flower accent for your wall, it doesn’t mean you have to add more flower theme for another items or furniture. Flower theme for your wall is more than enough. Too much floral here and over there will make your eyes feel tired even to look at it. I can imagine your visitors feel the living room is messy, weird or even annoying. So let me catch these words: don’t fill the whole space full with flower theme.

When you use pretty flower accent for wall, it’s enough because the whole wall will gonna be the most outstanding part. Flower theme will steal your attention, so choose the best flower wallpaper for your living room. There are so many various styles and colors for flower wallpaper, so consider to choose the best one. Also don’t forget to make it balance with color of your furniture or another items.  These ideas will not work for every style, but they can be altered to fit almost any design and decorating preference.

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Actually, if you don’t want take a risk to paint your whole wall with flower accent, you can make flower theme by another items. For example, you can use full flower curtains to make the whole room look more cheerful and wonderful. But it’s all about your own personal taste and decision. If you want to make big makeover by paint pretty flower accent wall in living room, it’s totally a good idea. But if you’re still afraid to do the makeover, change the color of curtains or carpet with flower accent also a very great option. If you have another option or maybe wanna share some great opinions, i love to hear that too. Let’s see if i can help you or maybe you can help me by share your living room experience. Tell us!