Rug Placement in Living Room Tips

Mar 12th

There are some tips for rug placement in living rooms that you can follow and try in your home. The guidelines are about where and how to place a rug in your living room. It is important to make a furniture layout of your living room before you choose which rug to buy. The furniture’s relationship in your living room is something that you need to consider in order to choose the size rug you need.

You can try a rug placement in living rooms in front of the fireplace. An area rug can make your small living room feel so warm and cozy. It has also added a color splash in order to tie the room together. If you want to buy a larger that 5′ x 8′ rug, you can place it in front of the sofa which is facing the fireplace. It is also fine to put a rug on a rug. As long as both rugs should be low profile, so they will lay flat.

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Still with the concept a rug on a rug, you can also combine a grass weave sisal with a flat weave wool rug on top. Set a flat weave wool rug with the offset angle on the rust color rug, so it will create an interest and movement to your living room.

Put the front sofa legs on the larger rug and the back off the rug. It can be placed anywhere under your sofa, what you have to do is just do not place it partially under the front feet or even under the back feet, because it looks not good, because it will look not balance.

Leave enough space on the floor around the perimeter to make the room floats in the center. It will be a good proportions all around the living room. Those are some rug placement in living room tips, let’s try it in your home.

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