The Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas Living Room Story

Mar 1st

My wife said she had plenty shabby chic decorating ideas living room. At first i don’t quite understand what shabby chic is, so i said OK. Moreover i don’t want to ruin her excitement for decorating our living room. I said to her that i’m happy whatever makes her happy. She replied with a smile. A special kind of smile, which not long enough for me to understand, that she have no doubt in her mind that I will agreed with her. It is something only married couple will understand. A glimpse of comprehension that doesn’t involve any language except gestures and emotions.

Our understanding grows along with our days as a couple aged. For many years we try to perpetuate our relationship with mutual understanding. So, she really knows what I like and dislike, and vice versa. Nevertheless sometimes her insights about me are sharper then my self. She really knows my details even my self rarely can’t remember. Yes, it kind of freak me out. But love is into details she said. I guess I just can’t remember as much as she is due to my dense work schedule. It’s just like an endless meetings, office tasks, and deadlines. But I love my job and I love my wife. I don’t have anything to complain. And obviously she understand it. I pursue my career from the very bottom, and she had always been there with me. I don’t think I’m very successful yet, but this stage of career would have not been happen without her. It is also the reason why now we can afford to renovate our living room. And when she said that she had plenty shabby chic decorating ideas living room, well, there is no way i can’t stand in her way.

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However when she completed her ideas she always delighted me as always. I said to her so this are her shabby chic decorating ideas living room. I do really like it and she gaves me that smile. Her special kind of smile.