Shabby Chic Living Room Decor Ideas

Dec 10th

Shabby chic living room decor ideas will create a super stylish and trendy look in your home. Shabby chic are known as the imperfect items, vintage fabrics, white furniture that are touched by lots of creativity. This is the reason why shabby chic decor is usually use the concept of “barely there” pastel colors and use flea market finds to furnish and accessorize.

Warm and inviting are the key of shabby chic living room decor ideas. Here are some decoration ideas of shabby chic style that can be followed.

Use a very pale fabric without a pattern if you have an upholstered couch. It will be very comfortable and faded looking. Try also to cover the sofa with a slipcover. Use a white slipcovers are the favorite of shabby chic. Add a throw pillow with floral fabrics that do not necessarily match if you want liven it up a bit.

To make the furniture looks older, the shabby chic furniture is usually painted in a way. It is also has a fatigued look even if it is a new furniture. That is why Flea markets are the great place where you can find the shabby chic living room furniture. Buying used, aged furniture, and covering it with a white or pale paint fresh coat will give the old but new look into your shabby chic furniture.

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What about the floor? Use a shabby chic area rug will give the soft and inviting atmosphere. Try to use shaggy area rug, plain white or even rose colored. Keep to the light colors and make sure that the fabric is welcoming and can add the comfortable feeling to your shabby chic living room style.

For the lighting, shabby chic light fixtures are often embellished with crystal looking breads. One of the shabby chic favorite decoration is chandeliers. Try a beaded lampshade or shiny pendant light to create a perfect shabby chic living room decor ideas.