Shabby Chic Living Room Decorating Ideas

Dec 17th

Shabby chic living room decorating ideas will make the room appears very lovely and feminine. That is why the shabby chic living room usually using distressed and antique furniture and furnishings. Lace, floral fabrics, vintage accessories, and other items that have signs of wear and tear are also used in this kind of theme. The colors that often to be used are white, pastel pink and lots of colorful interiors. With this kind of theme, homeowners will easily spot any interior.

To make a pretty shabby chic living room decorating ideas you can use aged materials. The look is still stunning and inviting even though they are not using new stuff. Let’s make a perfect look of shabby chic living room with using a white furniture coverings and combine with the warm tones. With lots of white in the living room, it will create a clean looks in the room. You can also add some modern and vintage touches in your shabby chic room. Use it for the candle light or even the lamps.

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The living room will look lovely despite its simplicity if you mix the various furniture like a clean and white sofas, with an old wooden door which can be used to hang some living room’s accessories or even pictures, an old coffee table, and also a modern vase or even lamps. To give the touch of cuteness, add some floral pink prints throw pillows on that white sofas, it will definitely look cute.

You can make the room looks more interesting by adding some cool stuff like an unique coffee table that is made from old wood and placed it above a simple rugs and surrounding by modern sofas. Designing the room with a minimalist concept is basically the shabby chic living room decorating ideas. Looks like you have interest to try.. what are you waiting for