Small Space Living Room Furniture Decoration

Feb 21st

Since many home has a not-so-big space, so we should maximize the small space living room furniture to make a bigger look of the living room. There are so many things that we can do to visually help the smaller space to enlarge. Darker colors and larger scale furniture can be used in the smaller spaces even though it needs a trained eye to be successful.

But, there are still lots of things to do in order to design a small space living room furniture. For example, the light that is chosen, must have simple lines. If your living room have everything so light, you have to find the darker wood of the table somewhat harsh. It will be more cohesive to use something lighter.

First thing you have to do is choosing the furniture and look for pieces that are light in color and have legs. Less visual weight is occupied lighter colors and the legs provide an unobstructed floor’s view, allowing more open space. Use metal coffee and end tables or also glass to allow the eye in order to move through the pieces consuming little visual space while the furniture of dark wood has the opposite effect. The cow hide ottoman coffee table also serves to connect the wood tones in the room.

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A lighter color scheme is combined with neutral colors will work very well in a small living room area. Cooler colors can give a larger space impression. You can use brighter colors hints in accent rugs or pillows. Three color or less palette are best to be used for small spaces.

The most important thing in the small room is lighting. So you have to keep the window treatments light and airy in order to pull the light flood in. Minimal natural light in the evening can be used as an additional lighting to maximize the small space living room furniture decoration.