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Application development allows you to personalize customer data and their preferences. The user sets his preferences, after which the entrepreneur can customize the content that suits the needs of each client. The development of the application is also good because it is available to record, track user interactions and geo-location, with this information, content is created tied to a specific point in the world. To perform its functions, the software uses all the features of the device, for example: camera, GPS, access to contacts and calls.

2The development of the application is easier than the site

Creating a website is a time-consuming process, depending on browsers. The site must use all the functionality of the browser to perform basic tasks and be SEO optimized. These functions include a return button, an address bar, and an update button. Application development is easier, if only because applications perform functions independently of browsers. Mobile software is convenient because of various gestures: touching, holding, swiping, etc. A well-designed program performs actions much faster than a website. This is due to the storage location of the application data, they are stored in the device itself, and sites use servers, therefore, applications receive data almost instantly.

Technically, it is possible to justify the moment of application speed, the fact is that sites perform functions using java scripts, and application development is based on a structure that works several times faster than javascript.

3application keeps customers

The main function of the site in terms of marketing is the search for new customers, it is well optimized for ranking in search engines, you can also leave general links for the site in social networks and forums. Based on user experience, it can be argued that people choose a website rather than an app for shopping, customers may not even know about the development of an app for your business. One of the advantages of the app is customer retention. In the case of a website, then the client has a choice to return to your resource or find another one. The application is in direct access, in front of the eyes, just waiting for the user to click on the icon. Mobile software works more efficiently than a website. The application sends analytics for each user, so that together you make the program better by offering them individual products with tracking of the purchase model.

4The development of the application stimulates sales

To increase sales, functions are added to the program that entice the user to enter it more often and, accordingly, buy more. This includes, for example, push notification – a powerful marketing tool that informs customers about promotions and new products. As you know, web versions of sites also have notifications, but exclusively for Android and Google Chrome, and this leads to a noticeable narrowing of the active audience.

5The increase of loyalty

There are additional options in the development of the application that simplify the interaction with the client:

one touch to enter the program;

optimization for devices with a small screen resolution;

smooth animation;

access to the application without an internet connection;

easy targeting setup.

To summarize, the site and the application certainly complement each other, so we recommend having both. The site is suitable for finding potential customers, while mobile software keeps visitors. If you take into account all the nuances, it is easy to create the right promotion strategy that has a positive effect on any business project.