Struck by Ideas for Painting Living Room Walls

Dec 1st

In a sudden so many ideas for painting living room walls has come up. I sat there like for a couple of hours, and in the middle of my silent time there the ideas struck me in a glance. Since i move to the house i barely touch anything. I don’t redecorate and I don’t re arrange things. I just simply believe in terms that I should put everything as the way it used to be. It was no ordinary house and i was hesitate to do such changes. But through the time they were this urge to make something about this house my grandparents once live in. Especially in the living room where my activity in the house are centered.

The ideas for painting living room walls come first from a scratch that must’ve been there for ages. It always distracted me whenever I see it. It made my mind make such stories of where that scracth come from. Was it an accident? Was it ignored? Was it also disturbing my grandparents? I mean why was it left behind? Don’t they have time to fix it or they were to lazy to do so? Or they saw it as a remark a sign of some fight or something? Yes, at the moment you might guess that I’m overthinking. But maybe you are right. I’m just too curious about the story behind the scracth that I today decided to erase it. I guess I had to repaint all the wall. An with an instance the ideas are coming.

TRENDING |  Beautiful Living Room Wall Colors Ideas

I agreed that so many other things are more important for me to think about then a scracth on the wall. So I start to paint the walls with a white base. And then I make black line in between the white. It’s like the piano that I like to play. But i don’t know I’m not sure with the design. I guess now I had a new things to figure it out instead of the scratch. But in the meantime it’s the best ideas for painting living room walls that I had.