Sweet and Girly Living Room Ideas Apartment

Mar 4th

Living Room Ideas Apartment with sweet and girly style maybe can be your choice. Your apartment must be your most lovable place where you wanna show your style or interest in that apartment. Living room in apartment also one of the most important rooms you must consider before start a big makeover. But how to make a sweet and girly theme in living room but not to look annoying for your visitors?

First, if you’re the kind of girl who unashamedly proclaims her passion for pink and love of hearts, i will say : go ahead! You’re not in the wrong way. Use pink colours, love of hearts as patterns, use floral to enrich the sweet and girly look. But remember the limit. I mean, you don’t want to make your living room feel like your personal bedroom, right? You can use pink colours not for all times but only for two items. For example, you can use pink pillows and pink carpet. But don’t use too much pink colours for another items. You can balance that bright pinkies with simple colour like white or brown for sofa. Add some paintings with love or sweet girly theme as your living room ideas apartment. If you don’t have any paintings, you can change the paintings with your idol posters, make sure they have sweet and girly personality so the feminine atmosphere will be fit in in your living room.

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Finally, incorporate your personal style with quirky picture frames with snapshots of you and your best friends. Share your living room ideas apartment with friends so they can help you during the living room makeover. Make your living room much more comfortable than before. If you feel comfortable, welcoming and cozy atmosphere in your living room i’m so sure the visitors will feel the same way!