Swivel Chairs for Living Room

Apr 9th

Thomas Jefferson is credited who inventing swivel chairs for living room. Actually he was a governor in Virginia, USA, members of the Continental Congress, minister of France, Secretary of State, vice president, president and became the founder of the University of Virginia. Throughout that time he likes to spend his time at home and decorating it, especially his home in Monticello.

Jefferson had a strong opinion on the design, especially if it concerns his own house. He believes that design can affect the citizens and national architectural style communicated independence from Europe. As a result, many ideas are changing how people’s lives even today. Some of his work is the swivel chairs for living room that we can now enjoy at home and at work. The bench is very comfortable as well as stylish.

Jefferson also love all things that practical, he creates a space-saving furniture. The dining table in his home designated to be folded when not in use. While the bed can be folded into the wall. From that two things we can see that Jefferson likes vast space, in addition to creating a spacious room of furniture that practically he also likes to design high ceilings with lighting, this concept is actually an adaptation of a French-style architecture.

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More interesting, Jefferson building design focuses not only his house, he is also interested in the estate. So he made ​​his garden into a vegetable garden. Jefferson grew more than 330 kinds of vegetables in his home and very obsessive of taking care of his garden in order to get the best result. You can search his name through internet that this man not just invents a swivel chairs for living room in our house, but he is also one of special man that almost can do anything with his hands.