Table Lamps for Living Room Choosing Tips

Feb 10th

Choosing table lamps for living room, sometimes can be tricky. If the lamp is too tiny or too large, the function may only as a lamp, not as part of the room’s design. The tabletop vignette may be ruined and the otherwise pleasing design scheme will be out of balance. To choose the right size of your table lamp, you should know its correct function first, then the size will be correct.

Somehow, the table lamps for living room can be part of the light and also part of sculpture. So, that is why you should put a lamp that looks lovely, not only when it is on but also when off. And you have to make sure that the conversation will not be blocked with the lamp’s position.

Here are some tips to choose the right living room lamp, first of all you should think about its height. Sit on the sofa or next to the chair to see if the lamp is suitable to the table. It is better if the bottom of the shade does not fall higher than the eye level.

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After that, you should concern about its base. The weight of a skinny, candlestick style base should be substantial with those who talk with their hands to not rock the lamp if they accidentally bump it. Then you should consider the position of the lamp. You should have a light source very 10 feet or so in your living room. So, if the lamp’s position is between a sofa and a chair, you should pick a thin or even transparent base.

The lamp function is also something that you have to consider. If you will use the lamp for reading, the bulb should be at least 60 watts, choose a three way bulb to modulate your table lamps for living room‘s brightness.