The Themed Blue Living Room Ideas

Mar 9th

Ever thought of blue living room ideas before? Personally combination of blue and yellow reminds me of the big building IKEA. Yes, this store is painted entire exterior walls in blue with yellow accents on IKEA major letters posted. It is a successful design when you can remind a brand by the color that they use. Or red, which is usually synonymous with everything that is related to the Chinese culture and their beliefs according to the color red can call luck.

But blue and yellow living room ideas could be your own, you don’t have to worry about IKEA has patented the color combination. This combination of both colors are very contrasting color, if not careful to use these colors would be a burdensome atmosphere of your living room. Usually you will expect that a living room should be give you a relaxed atmosphere to welcome guests, so the color will not be a powerful distraction. I suggest to use the combination of blue and yellow colors as accessories in the room.

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Instead of painting the walls in blue and yellow, try searching frescoes dominated by blue and yellow and place it on the side wall which is the center of the room. If you do not find your favorite paintings, select a blue sofa with yellow couch cushions or otherwise. Carpets can also be a choice of accessories to decorate your living room.

It’s up to you to make the choice of blue and yellow color became dominant in the room or just accessories, but if you want to make it dominant, use more neutral colors such as white or light gray, which can reduce the combination of blue and yellow. Remember the rule of a  living room is a place where you receive your guests, welcome them with colors that stand to be comfortable at home. There is no harm in trying a combination of blue and yellow living room ideas, because it is an eye-catching combination.

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