Tips for Decorating Living Room Shelves

Feb 25th

I always love decorating living room shelves. There are so many options and thoughts to make it look wonderful. And in my opinion it doesn’t have to be monotonous one. It will bored you, that’s why decorating the shelves is always fun. We can start with all the things that you liked the most, the stuff that had some meanings for you, or simply the things that always made you happy. It can be a book, a CD, a picture frame, a little sculpture, a flower fase, or any other ornaments. Just took exactly all the stuff that you want. And then slowly put together all the stuff side by side on the shelves. There are no rules, just you and your vision. The vision will guide you. It’s like an insting to put something juxtaposed with other things.

OK sometimes it can be frustrating. But it doesn’t mather. If you tried and you get tired just stop for a while. Gaze the shelves that you decorate in a minute and then just relax. Go to sleep, watch TV, listen to music, or do something else that will distract your mind in a moment. Don’t  take it too seriously. Just take your time. Yes, in that case you must have a lot of time to finished it. But that is all you need for decorating living room shelves. If you feel better and want to start it all over again so shall we begin it from the beginning. But if you want to continue to decorate it then you must figured out how much stuff and how much space that you had left.

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You can put all the stuff in random. Maybe some other shelves had inspired you, and yes you can copy the arrangements. Do as you like. It’s your shelve, it’s your living room, it’s you who lived there. You can do it whatever or even whenever you wanted for decorating living room shelves. Just remember to enjoy the process and the result will followed.