Transitional Living Rooms Styles

Mar 22nd

Transitional living rooms is a decorating idea that blends two styles, usually traditional and modern. If you have an unusual taste that can not be represented by an ordinary decor style, or too confused to choose one of two decoration styles (since the options available can be overwhelming), you can choose this transitional style. You’ll be surprised by the perfect marriage of traditional and modern style that creates a fresh, sophisticated, and eclectic look to your family room. Wowed your guests by mix and match the colors, furniture, and accessories to represent your taste and personality perfectly.

Adding traditional lamp shades, mirrors, of vases in a room that has already filled with modern sofa, chair, and ottoman is one of the steps you can take to get the transitional look. Keep the focus on simplicity will allow you to decorate the room with ease. A Victorian style house that is decorated with colorful furniture is one of the most enamour transitional living rooms. Victorian style is associated with glamor, elegant, and rigid atmosphere. In fact, we can put in the plot twist by purchase an orange sofa with pink pillows and colorful rug, while wood coffee table or end tables offset the cheerful look. Paint the walls with plain white to make the furniture colors stand out.

TRENDING |  The Simplicity of Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Wood materials for living rooms

There is one similarity that represent the traditional, rusty, country, and cottage style. Wood materials. Combine a neutral color of upholstered sofa with two woven chair will give you a transitional feeling right away. A modern glass coffee table and a wicker basket are also contrasting items but they create a casual yet sophisticated feel. Arrange several candles on the end tables, and place the modern floor lamp across the room will give you a nice and romantic atmosphere. I hope this article will give you inspiration. Don’t forget to share your ideas regarding transitional living rooms style.