Unusual Wall Décor Ideas for Living Room

Apr 12th

Wall décor ideas for living room is a great solution for blank walls. After filling the room with beautiful furniture and handsome pieces, you may still feel something missing in the room. Even if you have painted the walls with wonderful colors, the walls may still feel empty and less touch. It’s time to decorate your walls with wall art. A wall art, not only embellish and complete the look, but also serves as a medium to show your taste of art.

Living room is a room that is shared by the whole family. Unlike decorating a bedroom, wall décor ideas for living room should bring something that represents each family member. You might think of memorable photo gallery. It is often chosen by so many people because it is quite easy to do. Just match the frame design that fits with the room style, then arrange them as you want. But, as this tends to be mainstream, I want to do something unusual. What about silhouette? I got this brilliant idea from Marthastewart.com. Instead of framing the photos of family members, why not framing their silhouettes?

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You can display the portrait silhouettes or the full-body silhouettes of each family member. First, you have to photograph each of them. Adjust the size, play around with the scale and the type of silhouettes (portrait and full-body) for fascinating results. And then you can use graphite transfer paper to get the perfect silhouette. Draw each of silhouette on the patterned paper design, and stick them on colorful paper. Write in name next to it, frame them identically, and arrange on the wall as your wish. If you have wall décor ideas for living room, please share it in the comments section.