Valances For Living Room Windows Problem

Apr 14th

There is a debate upon using valances for living room windows between me and my girlfriend. One week ago we just move out to a new small rented house. This is surely a big step for our relationship. But the truth is it’s also our first time living with somebody else. So this is will be our first experience. But we believe there is always a first time in anything. Living together is a new chapter in our lives. So we want to make it right. We were so anxious about it.

Bit by bit we try to decorate our rented house. We discuss what is best to put in every corner. What is the benefit and what is the disadvantage. By then I realize that living together isn’t simply just puting two human under one roof, but also bring together the habits, the rituals, the values, and the most big part of it is the state of minds. No man will ever know how difficult it is untill you taste it for your self. I don’t mean that it’s impossible. But if you don’t really have a mutual understanding or a big love for your spouse, I guess it will make it a lot harder. Trust me, you got to be certain about it, man. Or else it won’t last for long. Living together is a serious business. Like our debate about valances for living room windows for instance. Even the discussion seems endless, because you don’t want it but she want it really bad, yet we have to find the best solution or you can say it a win-win solution.

TRENDING |  Living Room Curtains with Valance

So after a long conversation we eventually had an a agreement. She can put the window valances for living room as she wanted it. And me, I can choose the color of the paint for the living room. I think is the best solution we can get. That is a win-win solution, and we both very happy about it.