Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

Jan 29th

There are many options of wall art paintings for living room. But basically, there are three groups of colors that will create three different atmosphere. Red, yellow, and orange to warm up the space, blue, green, and purple to create a cool feeling, white, tan, and brown, to bring a neutral tone. You can choose any of these colors in accordance with the ambient that you want to create. This time, I will give you advice on how to use paint and how to combine them with furniture and accessories.

Lavender wall art paintings for living room will bring a cool feeling to the space. It is very suitable to be used as living room color scheme because we wanted to create a relaxed and comfortable space. Paint the walls with rosy pink lavender for a lovely room. The bright white trim and tables will give you a refreshing impression. Add beige sofa and accent to complement the lavender wall paint. Lavender and gray will also produce a very attractive combination. Paint a piece of furniture with light gray paint, and hang gray curtains to give the unexpected touch. While white furniture and lime green accent can bring a sophisticated atmosphere.

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Plum is another color that can give an elegant and comfortable atmosphere to your living room. Plum is a warm color between dark purple and magenta. Since it’s a very dark color, you can use it to paint one side of the walls. Paint the rest of the walls with white, beige, or light gray. Fill the room with bright white sofa, chairs, and table. Accent it with plum pillows and flowers to complete the look. What do you think? Share your ideas about  wall art paintings for living room on the comment section below.

Be brave to try one of art, it will satisfying.