Wall Décor for Living Room

Apr 6th

Wall décor for living room is a fun thing to explore. You can display and set various works of art and things you like. Living room is supposed to “alive” and make everybody, especially family member, feel happy to be there. There are many patterns of wallpaper and paint colors that you can use to decorate your living room. Don’t be afraid to use colors. Even the bright red wall paint can look beautiful with a touch of white lampshade, wall clock, and photo frame to create a balanced blend of colors. Add a dark colored sofa with cushions with red, white and gray color scheme.

The fun of wall décor for living room is there are many works of art, ranging from paintings, mirrors, wall clocks, photo frames, or wall hangings with unique shapes and colors. Instead of sofa, you can make a wall hanging become a major star in the room. Plain white wall paint with colorful painting of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn is a perfect example. Names that I mentioned earlier is literally a superstar, but the pictures and human paintings will make the room feel more “alive”. A simple white photo frame on your wall or anything with a soft color is suitable to adorn the wall that already decorated with wallpaper.

TRENDING |  Good Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Pictures and photos that are arranged on the end table might be a little bit boring. You can rearrange by placing those pictures in small frames with various shapes and hang them uniformly on the wall. Paintings with natural shades will also bring a peaceful feeling. And oh, don’t forget the wall shelves. Shelves, not only can be used to store books. You can put some small vases with ornamental plants or a small accessories there. You can also placing fake tree branch on the wall to give the natural and artistic impression in the living room. Share your thoughts about wall décor for living room on the comment section below.