What Color to Paint Living Room ?

Apr 20th

What color to paint living room? Maybe that’s what you think when you want to decorate the family room. Maybe you want to try something more daring by using bright colors typical kid’s room, but you’re afraid it will not work properly and make your living room look strange and over bright. Or, maybe you want to choose a neutral color but afraid that this will make the room seem boring and too pale. Actually, there are several things you should know to make a comfortable and cozy room.

First, the “what color to paint living room?” question has a lot of answers. This means you don’t have to paint the entire wall on the living room with a single color. It applies to any color and feel that you want to create. For example, if you want to use warm colors like orange, yellow, and red, but you worry that this will make the room become overpowering, then use one of these colors to paint only one side of the walls. Paint the rest of the walls with neutral colors like white or beige. You can also give a monochromatic look to the living room by using the same color with different shades, lighter or darker. If you decide to use a bright yellow on one wall, paint the rest of the walls with pale yellow. This composition of colors will create a balance look to the room.

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Sometimes, the important question like “what color to paint living room?” asked after someone has purchased furniture like sofa, chairs, or coffee table. Since people rarely buy a sofa with striking colors, they are more likely to go bold in the selection of colors and patterns of accent chairs. It can also be used as a reference to choose the paint color. For example, if you have bought a bright red armchair, you can paint the walls with light gray. What do you think?