White and Pastels Color Schemes for Living Room

Feb 24th

Color schemes for living room are something you should consider to create the mood or even atmosphere in your living room. If you want a living room with a lighter touch, try to use white and pastels.

White color schemes for living room can create a calming and cleanliness feeling in the room. It can also feel cold and impersonal on the downside. Since white has associations with purity and serenity mean, it is an obvious choice if you want to create a calming mood in this room.

If you want to make a feeling that your room is bigger and brighter, white can be a perfect choice. You can pick a white with a hint of warmth to your living room if the light that comes into this room is cold. To make a sophisticated decoration, combine white with the black. It can be applied for flooring, furniture, or even picture frames.

Create an elegant period feel by using different white layers in a living room. Different white tones works well as a starting point, combined with painted furniture or even a pale flooring.

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To evoke a subtle mood hint, you can use pastels. Pastels are simply colors with lots of white added. It work well alongside neutrals and giving the room an injection of color that will not detract from its soothing atmosphere, but will add some vitality.

To add warmth to north-facing living room, pastels color such as pink can be a perfect choice. It recedes from the eye, and so good to assist a space’s proportions. You can also try it as a part of pattern and alongside the dark neutral to avoid it from feel too girly.

After all, pick the right color schemes for your living room to create the feel you want in there. Sophisticated feeling, fun or even relaxing, it’s all up to you. To make a calming feeling in the room, try white and pastels color schemes for living room.