Wooden Wall Hangings for Living Rooms

Mar 25th

Wall hangings for living rooms is very important to complete the color scheme and the theme you are using. In addition to fill the blank wall on the living room, wall hangings also is a way to show off your taste of art. If you have trouble finding the way to show your personality through the furniture, it’s time for you to show who you really are. Now that you know the benefits of wall hangings, you must determine the perfect one to represent your taste and at the same time also in accordance with the room design you have chosen. Right now, I’m going to give you a wall hanging idea for country and vintage living room theme that I found on Pinterest.

As we know, wooden furniture is one of the characteristics of a country theme. Wooden panel walls and ceiling, distressed wooden furniture, secondhand pieces, woven chair, and so on. As well as the vintage theme. Instead of go to the furniture stores, we can find a lot of beautiful used furniture on flea market. Rustic wood sign wall hangings for living rooms is a perfect piece of art. You can find a lot of DIY instruction to make this shabby chic craft. The point is to write down your favorite quote and words on a piece of distressed wood.

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Usually, the things that must be prepared is a piece of distressed wood, paint, chalk or vinyl letters. You can paste the vinyl letters on the wood, paint the entire surface with white paint, and after the paint is dry, peel off the letters. Or, you can paint the wood with black paint, print out the quote on a paper, rub chalk on back of the paper, trace letters on the wood with a pencil until you have chalk line letters, and then paint in the chalk letter lines. Voila! You have your very own wall art! I hope this will help. If you have amazing ideas of wall hangings for living rooms, share with us!