Month: December 2022

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What is a mobile application architecture diagram?

By ryandoherty

The mobile application architecture diagram visually represents the elements and components of the application design. In fact, it answers the question “how”, which refers to the internal processes involved in creating a functional and effective mobile application. It is important that this type of diagram is developed as part of the initial application development process. It helps software developers and stakeholders visualize the purpose and creative process of creating the final product of a mobile application. It also helps teams […]

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By ryandoherty

Application development allows you to personalize customer data and their preferences. The user sets his preferences, after which the entrepreneur can customize the content that suits the needs of each client. The development of the application is also good because it is available to record, track user interactions and geo-location, with this information, content is created tied to a specific point in the world. To perform its functions, the software uses all the features of the device, for example: camera, […]

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Allows feedback

By ryandoherty

A well-designed diagram of the architecture of the mobile application will allow the developer to create appropriate notes and comments on the project. This helps and informs the mobile app development process. These designations are also useful to help non-professional marketers and stakeholders better understand and comprehend the final product. The notes can include symbols, keys, graphs and comments and help non-coders explain the concept of the mobile application being developed.

Gives visual context

People can be better involved in the app […]

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Creating mobile applications — what is important to consider in the current conditions?

By ryandoherty

Mobile applications today help companies automate processes, simplify the work of employees and partners, attract customers and increase sales.

But how can a business optimize the costs of their creation in the current conditions? Rinat Shamshutdinov, Head of the mobile development department of the IT company SimbirSoft, talks about possible application implementation options.

According to RBC Research, in 2021, 74% of respondents made online purchases via a smartphone: while in 2020, only 59% spoke about it.

Today, more and more goods and services […]

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Launching a mobile app

By ryandoherty

Mobile application deployment is the semi-final stage of the application development process. T includes the promotion and marketing of the application among end users. Internal promotions or marketing campaigns can stimulate users.

Application Maintenance

After launch, the mobile application will require maintenance, updates, troubleshooting and fixes. Users can identify additional problems that were not identified at the user testing stage during application development. In addition, it may be necessary to update the application depending on user demand. As a result, developers will […]